End Times

The End of the World.

Show #79: The Predictable Pastor


Introducing the new game, The Predicable Pastor, where Evan tries to guess how Pastor will respond to different news clips. Pastor and Evan also go head-to-head in Bible Bee and end up by playing Ten Commandments in the News.

Show #75: Name that LCMS President


After playing Who Wants to be a Theologian, we are joined by Rev. Matthew Harrison to play "Name that LCMS President" and talk about his new book "In the House of My Fathers."

Show #18: Listener Response


Table Talk Radio begins by responding to Listener questions, talking about The Ablaze Movement and End Times.

Different End Times Views

View a chart of different End Times Views.

Show #13: End Times Edition


The End is Near! Today's edition of Table Talk Radio focuses on the End Times.