Biggest Loser

As a service to the church, the Table Talk Radio weight loss program puts popular preacher's sermons to the test to cut the "fat" out of a sermon. We listen to the sermon and cut out anything that isn't Gospel so to see exactly how much Gospel is being preached.

Show #363: Cult Member or Biggest Looser?


DON"T WORRY, Pastor Wolfmueller is feeling okay, he just can't say the name of the cult he is describing to Pastor Goeglein as we play Meet My Neighbor, the Cult Member. Then we will review the audio from two video clips sent by listener Chris as we have Pastor Wolfmueller jump up on the theological treadmill and see who will be the Biggest Looser. We even sneak in a game of Name That Theologian.

Show #141: Biggest Losers


After responding to an email from our Calvinist critics, we play Biggest Loser, a game that takes that non-Gospel fat out of sermons to see what is left.

Show #53: Biggest Loser


It's time for another round of Biggest Loser! Whose sermon will lose more weight when we cut out everything but the Gospel: Billy Graham or John MacArthur? Listen in and find out for yourself.

Show #29: Biggest Loser Returns


Staring out Pastor Wolfmueller tries his hand again at the game "Don't forget the your Hymns" with the Martin Luther hymn, "From Heaven Above to Earth I Come." Only then will we play "Bigg

Show #9: Biggest Loser


What happens when you take the country's most popular preachers and put their sermons to the test to see how much Gospel actually resides in their sermons?