Show #49: Iron Preacher


After the very long hiatus, the dethroned Iron Preacher returns to the pulpit at another Preach Off. The Challenger? Rev. Bill Cwirla, Pastor of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Hacienda Heights, CA and co-host of the podcast The God Whisperers. Judged by Dr. Carl Fickenscher.

Table Scraps: Discussion with Dr. James Nestingen

Dr. Nestingen joins Pastor Wolfmueller for a discussion on Law/Gospel, the 10 Commandments and their social application.

Show #28: Iron Preacher Radio Hosts


Will the host of the radio program Issues Etc defeat the Iron Preacher? Rev. Todd Wilken challenges Pastor Wolfmueller in a match of Iron Preacher, judged by Dr.

Show #10: Myth Busters


In the latest edition of Table Talk Radio, Evan and Pastor put some religious claims to the test in examining them against the Scriptures in the brand new segment "Myth Busters." Then, "Name that Theo

Show #9: Biggest Loser


What happens when you take the country's most popular preachers and put their sermons to the test to see how much Gospel actually resides in their sermons?

Life Without the Gospel

Imagine life without the Gospel. For many people, even for many people that we know, this is their reality. What would such a life be like? How would we live, think, be?

How Do You Know If God Loves You?

How do you know what God thinks about you? How do you know if He's smiling or frowning? How do you know if God hates you or loves you?