Show #431: This Episode Is Dangerous As A Swan


What do you call an episode that addresses 10 Commandments In The News and still manages to get in a game of Don’t Forget The Stanzas To Your Advent Hymns? We call it dangerous as a swan!

Show #417: Shhhh … Quiet Time with Pastor Wolfmueller


After Wolfmueller get done talking about his Quiet Time we play Is It Catholic Or Evangelical as we look at an article where three women marry Jesus and take a vow of chastity. We follow that with a game of Praise Song Cruncher for the song Greater by the group Mercy Me. Then we answer listener emails about Farmers Market Evangelism and Youth Leader Vocation.

Show #388: Is Our First Facebook LIVE Show Neo-Monastic?


Who ever thought that LIVE video would make good radio? We did that's who! On this edition of Table Talk Radio you will get to hear the audio portion of our first ever Facebook LIVE show. How mediocre is that? And on this episode we will run the song All Because Of Jesus by Casting Crowns through the olde Praise Song Cruncher and see how it fairs. Then we will take a trip through Pastor Wolfmueller's office and play What's In Your Pastor's Library. Finally, we will do a little Preaching To Hollywood as we look at the Taylor Swift song The New Romantic. So, close your eyes and imagine your watching us LIVE on FB ... but not if your driving!!!!!

Show # 375: This Episode Really Needs To Be Atoned For?


On this edition of Table Talk Radio we will play Meet My Neighbor The Cult Member as we breakdown and discuss a blog post from David Lose, President of the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Philedelphia, about how the death of Christ on the cross is about identification, solidarity, and love. This edition promises to be really good mediocre radio.

Show # 369: 2KR - This Paradigm Is So Systematic


On this edition of Table Talk Radio will play Name That Theologian in response to a listener email question about 2KR or Two Kinds of Righteousness. Let the hilarity ensue! Then another listener email asks us to Play Out The Scenario ... in 45 seconds!! Decisions, Decisions! Yet another listener email about Church attendance vs just believing inspires us to Kick The Dog and Comfort The Child. Get thee to Church and receive!!! And what episode would be complete without a quick round of 10 Commandments In The News. Prepare yourself for the best mediocre radio ever!

Show #268: Preaching to Hollywood


In an attempt to save Hollywood, Bryan invents a brand new game where we listen to a song and diagnose the soul of the song writer and try to bring about a preaching of Law and Gospel to the writer's situation. Also, the predictable pastor, where we see just how well we know our pastors and how they react to various news items.

Show #189: Does the Law Always Accuse?


Working our way through more church signs and bumper stickers, we address the question, "Does the Law Always Accuse?" Ending up with the game "Name that Church Body?"

Table Scraps: Applying proper Gospel to the Proper Law

In this edition of Table Scraps, Dr. Fickenscher describes the hammer of judgement preaching of the law, answered by gift of forgiveness gospel and the mirror of existence law, answered by the antiphon of existence gospel.

Show #142: TTR with guest co-host, Dr. Fickenscher


In Pastor Wolfmueller's absence, Dr. Carl Fickenscher sits in as his substitute to play "Name that Walther Thesis" and "Bible Bee."

Show #103: Name that Walther Thesis


After playing bumper sticker theology with the bumper stickers sent in by our listeners, we play the summertime edition of Table Talk Jeopardy, then introduce a new game called "Name that Walther Thesis." In this game, you choose from three or four selected theses of Walther's Proper Distinction between Law and Gospel after hearing the entry by popular pastors or teachers.