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Show #118: Praise Song Cruncher Teasier


This edition of Table Talk Radio gives our listeners a foretaste of the feast of the Praise Song Cruncher Marathon to come. (And is a present reality Before that, we practice the TI and respond to our listeners.

Table Scraps: Praise Song Cruncher Marathon

View the Praise Song Cruncher

The following Table Scraps is not for the faint at heart. In this edition, Evan and Pastor Wolfmueller spend the nearly two hours crunching your favorite praise songs in the Praise Song Cruncher Marathon. Praise Songs include:

1 - Resurrection by Nicole Sponberg
2 - Hands of the Healer written by John Waller
3 - Let It Rise by Holland Davis
4 - Lord, I lift your name on high Lord - Lincoln Brewster
5 - We The Redeemed - Hillsong
6 - More Like Falling in Love - Jason Gray
7 - God of this City – Chris Tomlin

Show #100: The 100th Anniversary of Table Talk Radio


After reminiscing about the good 'ol days (like before Table Talk Radio) we play (by popular demand) Praise Song Cruncher and one lightning round of Bible Bee.

Show #97: The Good and the Bad of the Praise Song Cruncher


In this edition of Table Talk Radio, Pastor and Evan use the praise song cruncher to analyze two different praise songs. One gets absolutely slaughtered in the cruncher, and the other does quite well. After that they play Bible Bee with the Law-Gospel twist. WARNING: This episode contains 15 extra minutes of Table Talk Radio. It is not for the faint of heart.

Table Scraps: Interview with Neil Grepke, author of Jesus is Better than Football

After crunching the song, "Jesus is Better than Football," we gave the author of the song to come on the air and respond to our Praise Song Cruncher. In this Table Scraps, Pastor Wolfmueller interviews Neil Grepke, Lutheran School principle and hit praise song writer.

Show #77: Emails, Praise Songs, Baptism


In this edition we are joined by Vicar Brian Bucklew of Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Moblie, AL after responding to listeners, we crunch a couple praise songs, and talk about baptism. Vicar Bucklew wrote a newsletter article entitled "Baptism Works the Forgiveness Sins," which can be read here, under the "articles" tab.

Show #73: Don't Forget the Stanzas to Your Rare Luther Hymns


In today's edition of Table Talk Radio we play a new game "Questions in Pastoral Care" where Evan gets to ask Pastor any question whatsoever. After that we play "10 commandments in the news" and then we play a few lesser known Luther hymns to see if pastor can remember the stanzas.

Christian Worship: What is This?

Often times people have ideas for the church in order to get more people in so that they may hear the Gospel. But as some of these ideas run up against the test of time, they are proven as epic failures to serve the Gospel and sometimes end up working against the Gospel.

Show #14: Answer the Question As


The Question, "What is Worship." Our special guest, John Pless, professor at Concordia Theological Seminary answers the question as differing theological perspectives.

Show #8:Praise and Worship Edition


On the praise and worship edition of Table Talk Radio, we first play Contemporary or Traditional, then discuss an interview on Table Scraps with Chris Tomlin, popular praise and worship music song wri