Contemporary Worship

Show #430: Oh! Come To The 3:53 Alleluias


While putting Oh Come To The Altar through the Praise Song Cruncher Pastor Wolfmueller accurately predicts, that is guesses correctly, when the song will divulge into the obligatory repetitive Alleluias. He’s so mystical! ;-)

Show #420: Will Some Praise Songs Actually Pass The Cruncher?


After we check in on Table Talk Radio LIVE 365 we fire up the Praise Song Cruncher. Are all praise songs created equal? Apparently some may just be hymns in disguise. Will that give them a chance of surviving the Praise Song Cruncher? Tune in and find out!

Show #410: The Easter Crunch Continued


As if crunching praise songs wasn’t enough for 1 week, we continued to crunch praise songs for the second week of Easter. How many weeks does Easter last again?

Show #409: The Easter Crunch


It turns out that the Easter praise songs are as empty as the grave of Jesus. We’ll prove it!

Show # 366: This Episode is on FIRE!! Mystically Speaking


You'd better have a fire extinguisher handy because the Edition of Table Talk Radio is on FIRE!!
Join us as we answer some listener email by playing the Praise Song Cruncher 2.0. And as an added bonus you'll learn some of the steps for writing a successful Praise Song. Just remember Hallelujah rhymes with ... Hallelujah, and something in your song needs to be on FIRE!!!!! Sit back, relax (if you can) and enjoy some of the best mediocre radio on the internet.

Praise Song Cruncher Song List

Ever wanted to know of Table Talk Radio has already crunched a praise song? View the Praise Song Cruncher List to see what songs we've crunched and what show you can listen to it on.

Show #336: Sanctified Disciplineship


What's the difference between Sanctification and Disciplineship? Could it be that praise songs are getting better or do churches feel obliged to sing about Christ on the day He rose from the dead? Listen to the Praise Song Cruncher and find out.

Show #320: Brought to You by Triscuits


After Pastor Wolfmueller finishes his snack time, we crunch the songs “Always Been About You” by Fellowship Creative and “Beautiful Things” by Gungor. Lastly, Table Talk Radio would not be complete until we analyzed your Church Signs and Bumper Stickers.

Show #305: Praise Song Cruncher


As Pastor Wolfmueller finishes up his show prep, he decides to do the Praise Song Cruncher for the entire show. We crunch the songs “God’s Not Dead” by Newsboys, the hymn “Earth and All Stars” and “Beautiful” by Disciple.

Show #276: This Show is Regret


The prescription for this edition of Table Talk Radio is as follows: Praise Song Cruncher, Bumper Sticker/Church Sign Theology, 10 commandments in the news, rinse, repeat. Listen to the crunch of “My Name is Regret” by Matthew West