Show #255: Bible Bee Re-match


Emails, 10 Commandments in the News, Bible Bee...Awesome.

Show #143: Wolfmueller Returns


Pastor Wolfmueller returns from vacation to run a couple praise songs through the cruncher, then to play Don't Forget the Stanzas to your Hymns. Music provided by LutheranTimeOut.org

Show #127: Don't Forget the Stanzas with Kantor Resch


After responding to a few of our listeners and playing Bible Bee, Kantor Richard Resch of Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, IN as the expert guest as Pastor attempts to remember the stanzas to "Hark, A Thrilling Voice is Sounding."

Show #120: Myth Busting and Emails from Calvinists


In this episode, Pastor Wolfmueller responds to an email from one of our 2 Calvinists listeners, then check the voicemail box by playing Bumper Sticker Theology, Church Sign Theology and Myth Busters. We end up by playing Contemporary or Traditional.

Show #101: Games with Vicar Jay Hobson


Joined by Vicar Jay Hobson from Trinity Lutheran Church in St. Joesph, MI-- we play Book of Concord Bee (Vicar vs. Pastor). Then Vicar Hobson sings entries for Pastor's attempts at Don't forget the Stanzas to your hymns. Lastly, we play The Predictable Pastor and The Predictable Vicar

Show #96: Don't Forget the Lyrics to your Hymns with Dan Engle


After going to the phones to play bumper sticker theology, we play "Don't Forget the Stanzas to your Hymns," with Dan Engle of Lutheran Time Out (www.lutherantimeout.org)

Show #73: Don't Forget the Stanzas to Your Rare Luther Hymns


In today's edition of Table Talk Radio we play a new game "Questions in Pastoral Care" where Evan gets to ask Pastor any question whatsoever. After that we play "10 commandments in the news" and then we play a few lesser known Luther hymns to see if pastor can remember the stanzas.

Show #24: Comfort Comfort Ye My People


Rev. Leonard Payton of St. John's Lutheran Church in Browns Corner, WI joins Table Talk Radio to discuss the popular Advent Hymn, Comfort Comfort Ye My People. After that, we play Which Ladder with a few Rick Warren Quotes and end up playing Table Talk Jeopardy.

Show #8:Praise and Worship Edition


On the praise and worship edition of Table Talk Radio, we first play Contemporary or Traditional, then discuss an interview on Table Scraps with Chris Tomlin, popular praise and worship music song wri

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