Praise Song Cruncher

Using an article authored by Pastor Wolfmueller entitled "Criteria for Discerning the Usefulness of Praise Songs" ( we listen to a praise song (or other Christian song) and read the lyrics and by asking the 5 diagnostic questions, determine it's usefulness in the church.

Show #58: Snooze Part 2


This show marks the 2nd time pastor oversleeps for a Table Talk Radio recording.

Show #52: Fact or Myth: Lutheran's Don't Evangelize.


After responding to your listener's question "How does Jesus perform miracles," we play Praise Song Cruncher, then test the Myth, "Lutherans Don't Evangelize"

Show #46: Praise Song Cruncher/Name that Theologian


Back to typical Table Talk Radio running songs through the Praise Song Cruncher and playing Name that Theologian.

Show #38: The Pastor Brian Mosemann Ride Along


Dean of Students at Concordia Theological Seminary joins the Table Talk Radio gang to play a Law/Gospel--Bible Bee combo.

Show #31: Praise Song Cruncher


After playing everyone's favorite game, Praise Song Cruncher, we play everyone's favorite game, Which Ladder. Lastly, we play everyone's favorite game, Who Wants to be a Theologian.

Show #8:Praise and Worship Edition


On the praise and worship edition of Table Talk Radio, we first play Contemporary or Traditional, then discuss an interview on Table Scraps with Chris Tomlin, popular praise and worship music song wri