Praise Song Cruncher

Using an article authored by Pastor Wolfmueller entitled "Criteria for Discerning the Usefulness of Praise Songs" ( we listen to a praise song (or other Christian song) and read the lyrics and by asking the 5 diagnostic questions, determine it's usefulness in the church.

Show #151: Response to Dr. Price's Arguments


After a short game of the praise song cruncher, Pastor and Evan welcome seminary graduate Mark Pierson to give his remarks on Dr. Price's arguments during his recent debate with Dr. Scaer on the Resurrection of Christ.

Show #143: Wolfmueller Returns


Pastor Wolfmueller returns from vacation to run a couple praise songs through the cruncher, then to play Don't Forget the Stanzas to your Hymns. Music provided by

Show #139: Second Week in a Row of Praise Song Cruncher


Table Talk Radio keeps its commitment to crunching praise songs until there are no praise songs left to crunch. Evan and Pastor Wolfmueller also go head-to-head in a game of Bible Bee.

Show #138: Manifestations of the First Use


Table Talk Radio's Praise Song Crunching jerks run requested praise songs through the praise song cruncher, the talk about the the top 3 manifestations of the first use of the Law.

Show #135: Days of Table Talk Radio


In today's edition of Table Talk Radio we crunch the praise songs "Days of Elijah" and "East to West," but first we play "Bumper Sticker Theology/Church Sign Theology" and some emails as well. All the entries for today's games were sent in by listeners at

Show #130: CACG with Pastor Graff


In this broadcast of Table Talk Radio, Pastor Warren Graff of Grace Lutheran Church in Albuquerque, NM joins us to talk about WikiLeaks and Health Care Reform after Pastor Wolfmueller reveals his new tactic in dealing with mystics and doing a mini-crunch of a praise song.

Show #128: Bumper Stickers and Praise Songs


After responding to bumper stickers reported by our listeners, we Crunch Praise Songs "Starry Night" and "Shine."

"Real Men of Jesus" by SpringHill used by permission.

Show #118: Praise Song Cruncher Teasier


This edition of Table Talk Radio gives our listeners a foretaste of the feast of the Praise Song Cruncher Marathon to come. (And is a present reality Before that, we practice the TI and respond to our listeners.

Table Scraps: Praise Song Cruncher Marathon

View the Praise Song Cruncher

The following Table Scraps is not for the faint at heart. In this edition, Evan and Pastor Wolfmueller spend the nearly two hours crunching your favorite praise songs in the Praise Song Cruncher Marathon. Praise Songs include:

1 - Resurrection by Nicole Sponberg
2 - Hands of the Healer written by John Waller
3 - Let It Rise by Holland Davis
4 - Lord, I lift your name on high Lord - Lincoln Brewster
5 - We The Redeemed - Hillsong
6 - More Like Falling in Love - Jason Gray
7 - God of this City – Chris Tomlin

Show #110: Table Talk Radio's Youth Gathering Survival Kit


Youth gatherings and conferences are where some of the worst theology is preached and practiced. Don't go to another youth gathering without the Youth Gathering Survival Kit provided by Table Talk Radio. The YG Survival Kit consists of 4 regular Table Talk Radio games: Law and/or Gospel, Praise Song Crunchier, Which Ladder and the checklist on how to tell if your being emotionally manipulated by a youth speaker. In this edition, you will see Pastor and Evan demonstrate how to play these games at a youth gathering using audio from the National Youth Gathering of the LCMS.