Contemporary or Traditional?

This is a hymn anylist game in which by reading the stanzas of a hymn, if the hymn was composed before or after 1750. If before 1750 the hymn is deemed, "Traditional" or if after 1750 then "Contemporary."

Show #21: Classic Table Talk Radio


For this week's edition of Table Talk Radio, you'll hear Pastor Wolfmueller and Evan play some of the found games of Table Talk Radio: Law and/or Gospel, Which Century and Contemporary or Traditional.

Show #8:Praise and Worship Edition


On the praise and worship edition of Table Talk Radio, we first play Contemporary or Traditional, then discuss an interview on Table Scraps with Chris Tomlin, popular praise and worship music song wri

Interview with Praise and Worship songwriter, Chris Tomlin

In this edition of Table Scraps, Pastor Wolfmueller interviews Christ Tomlin, popular contemporary Christian Music artist and song writer of the most popular Praise and Worship music heard in most chu