Content contains something regarding this Muslim religion.

Show #114: Bible Bee Rematch


Pastor Wolfmueller challenges Pastor Kachelmeier to another round to Bible Bee. Will Pastor Wolfmueller finally prevail over his Bible Bee rival? Listen to find out. Evan and Pastor finish the show by playing 10 Commandments in the News with the Casual Apologetics Conversation Game (CACG) mixed in.

Table Scraps: Talking to Muslims

What is a Christian suppose to say he runs into a Muslim on the street? Our guest, Dr. Adam Francisco of Concordia Theological Seminary lays out some common arguments from Muslims and appropriate Christian responses.

Show #71: Introduction of the New Website


After promoting the New Website, the Reformation Glee club and Pastor's new book (, we play Law and/or Gospel and also 10 Commandments in the News. What happens when a 17 y/o girl runs away from her Muslim family after converting to Christianity?

Show #45: Islam


Today special guest Dr. Adam Francisco of Concordia Theological Seminary we talk about the religion of Islam. After our conversation with Dr. Francisco, we play the Bible Bee--Law/Gospel supergame.

Show #5:Bible Bee


Right after a game of Table Talk Jeopardy: Audio edition, Table Talk Radio invites Rev. Brian Kachelmeier to play Bible Bee! That is followed by a new game; What's In Your Pastor's Library.