Rick Warren

Show #384: Most Influential Ladders in America


In Table Talk Radio’s Which Ladder Marathon, we roll the dice to listen to America’s Most Influential Pastors of America and discern are they telling us to do something, feel something or think something? In any case, they’re not telling us about Christ who has done all for us (ie. The Gospel).

Table Scraps: The Nature of the Seeker Sensitive/Purpose Driven Church

What is the Nature of the Seeker Sensitive and the Purpose Driven Church? What ideologies back the movement? Is it compatible with historic Christianity? Chris Rosebrough of Fighting for the Faith and Pirate Christian Radio draws lines to the historic philosophies that are behind these church growth methods.

Show #24: Comfort Comfort Ye My People


Rev. Leonard Payton of St. John's Lutheran Church in Browns Corner, WI joins Table Talk Radio to discuss the popular Advent Hymn, Comfort Comfort Ye My People. After that, we play Which Ladder with a few Rick Warren Quotes and end up playing Table Talk Jeopardy.

Show #9: Biggest Loser


What happens when you take the country's most popular preachers and put their sermons to the test to see how much Gospel actually resides in their sermons?

Show #7: Who Wants to be a Theologian?


Today on Table Talk Radio Evan and Pr Wolfmueller began by playing "Who Want to be a Theologian" followed by "Which Ladder" with special guest Rev. Randy Golter, District President of the Rocky Mountain District of the LCMS. After that, they continue by playing Church Father or.....? Lastly, Rev. Hans Fiene of Mount Calvary Lutheran Church in Denver steps in the Studio to discuss Adolf Koberle's Quest for Holiness.