Federal Headship

In Christianity, this concept has been used to explain the concepts of the covenants found in the Bible. In particular, it has been applied to passages such as Romans 5:12-21, explaining the relation of all humanity with Adam, as well as the relation of redeemed humanity with Jesus Christ, who is called the last Adam. According to this understanding, as humanity's federal head Adam brought the entire human race into sin, misery, and death due to his disobedience. Christ, in his perfect obedience to God the Father, earned eternal life and blessedness for all his people.

Show #400: Crunching The Millstone That Is Our 400th Show


On this episode of Table Talk Radio after we discuss our Buzzwords we apply the Praise Song Cruncher to the rap hymn Theology Q&A with Seven the Levite, as well as to the song Oceans by Hillsong United! Is there mystical form in music? Tune in and find out!