Show # 371: Imagining Dragons, The Rapture and Trump, Oh My!


On this edition of Table Talk Radio will play Preaching to Hollywood in response to an anonymous listener email question about the Mormon theology in an Imagine Dragons song. The END is near!

Then a "Robot" listener sends us a voicemail and asks us to play Bumper Sticker Theology so we can discuss the doctrine of the Rapture! Gloom, despair and agony on me!!

Another listener sends us a voicemail and asks us to play another round of Bumper Sticker Theology so we can discuss the Tithe and the IRS! Cheerful??

Then we attempt to rise out of mediocrity, briefly, by playing a round of 10 Commandments In The News with pastor Warren Graff as our guest. He'll discuss Donald Trump and Socialism.

Prepare yourself for the best mediocre radio ever!

Show #224: Osteen or Fortune Cookie/Islam or Mormonism


This edition of Table Talk Radio celebrates Pastor Wolfmueller's departure to Turkey by playing three brand new games: Joel Osteen or Fortune Cookie, Name that Journey of St. Paul, and last but not least: Islam or Mormonism.

Show #186: We Are All Connected Chemically, Which Ladder?


Lumpy returns (again) to report his findings on the question, did Calvin really teach that Jesus didn't die for everyone. Then, we play "Which Ladder" with some crazy scientist, Glenn Beck and some Christians who go to "The Rock."

Table Scraps: Mormonism

Today Evan is joined by Pastor Gerald Paul, Pastor of Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church in Star Valley, WY to talk about Mormonism.

If you have a question for Pastor Paul, he can be reached by email at:

Show #72: House, M.D.


In this edition of Table Talk Radio, after some listener response, we respond to a clip that appeared on the popular TV show House. Then we play Name that Theologian. This episode is also an extended version of Table Talk Radio, so you get more of your favorite Lutheran theological game show for less points.

Show #5:Bible Bee


Right after a game of Table Talk Jeopardy: Audio edition, Table Talk Radio invites Rev. Brian Kachelmeier to play Bible Bee! That is followed by a new game; What's In Your Pastor's Library.