Show #202: Which Ladder Is Sam Harris Climbing?


In a debate, Sam Harris uses the question of theodicy as a proof that God doesn't exist. In doing so, does he find himself climbing a ladder? We also play "church sign and bumper sticker theology."

Show #201: Predicable Pastors


In today's edition of Table Talk Radio allows time for two rounds of the predicable pastor and a round of Table Talk Jeopardy.

Show #185:TTR is my All in All


After our TTR Listeners endure another session with Lumpy, we crunch your favorite praise songs, "All in All" and "Grace Alone."

Show #165: New Theme Showdown


The hosts of Table Talk Radio begin in a faceoff to decide the new sound of Table Talk Radio. Then after answering a couple emails, we play "Which Ladder" with the DVD "The God Who Wasn't There," a praise song and Joyce Meyer.

Show #154: Bible Bee with the Sensation


After answering listener email about the resurrection debate, Pastor and Evan spend the rest of the show playing Bible Bee with the sensation, Pastor Jared Melius of Mt. Zion Lutheran Church in Denver, CO.

Show #151: Response to Dr. Price's Arguments


After a short game of the praise song cruncher, Pastor and Evan welcome seminary graduate Mark Pierson to give his remarks on Dr. Price's arguments during his recent debate with Dr. Scaer on the Resurrection of Christ.

Show #122: Name that Logical Fallacy


Table Talk Radio embarks on a brand new game called "Name that Logical Fallacy," before talking with Chris Rosebrough about his recent debate with Doug Pagitt of Emergent Church about the doctrine of hell.

Table Scraps: Religious with Vicar Pierson

For this edition of Table Scraps, we are joined by Vicar Mark Pierson of University Lutheran Chapel in Los Angeles, CA (located at UCLA) to discuss the documentary by Bill Maher entitled "Religious."

Show #17: Table Talk Radio Idolatry Award Show


With special guest Chris Rosebrough, curator of The Museum of Idolatry, A Little Leaven.

Show #15: Name that Politician


Much like the game, name that theologian, we give it a twist and play "Name that Politician." This edition of Table Talk Radio includes Pastor Warren Graff from Grace Lutheran Church in Albuquerque, N