Straight praise

Title: Show #391: We The Church: A Review … And A Look At The Flamme’s Blog


On this episode of Table Talk Radio after a few Buzz type words, Orthopraxy and Distinction, we will review the Lutheran Hour Ministries video We The Church and discuss the effect of creating emergencies in the church. Then we will review a blog post by The Flamme. Tune in to see what all this mediocracy is all about!

Show #388: Is Our First Facebook LIVE Show Neo-Monastic?


Who ever thought that LIVE video would make good radio? We did that's who! On this edition of Table Talk Radio you will get to hear the audio portion of our first ever Facebook LIVE show. How mediocre is that? And on this episode we will run the song All Because Of Jesus by Casting Crowns through the olde Praise Song Cruncher and see how it fairs. Then we will take a trip through Pastor Wolfmueller's office and play What's In Your Pastor's Library. Finally, we will do a little Preaching To Hollywood as we look at the Taylor Swift song The New Romantic. So, close your eyes and imagine your watching us LIVE on FB ... but not if your driving!!!!!