Martin Luther

Show #425: No Indulgence For Listening, But Maybe A Consequence!


Did the Church ever sell indulgences? What is an indulgence? What does an indulgence pay for? The answers to these and more questions are answered as we review a video clip from Ascension Presents by Father Mike Schmidt called “Did the Church Ever Sell Indulgences”

Show #423: This Show Is Full Of Concupiscence … and Hymns


What happens when Pastor Wolfmueller get to do the show prep? He gets to play his favorite games like Name That Theologian and Don’t Forget The Stanza To Your Hymns. This show is full of concupiscence.

Show #402: The Virtuously Viceful Flamme Show


On this episode of Table Talk Radio after we discuss our Buzzwords Rev. Brian Flamme makes his first, uh … that is his second, and likely his last, appearance on the show to help us play Name That Theologian. Pr. Flamme first appeared on Show 332 as Lumpys New Friend We follow that with a rousing game of 10 Commandments In The News. Will the Flamme be virtuous and win the most points? Or will he give in to vice and as a result excel in mediocrity? Tune in and find out!

Show #150: Answer the Question As Cameron MacKenzie


After responding to an email concerning the nation of Israel, we play every Calvinist's favorite game, "Name that Calvinist Document," then play "Answer the Question As" with Dr. Cameron MacKenzie, professor of history at Concordia Theological Seminary.

Table Scraps: Sola Scriptura

There is a handful of Protestant pastors who have left their church bodies and have joined the Roman Catholic Church. Some of them have taken it upon themselves to convince other non-Catholics to also "come home to Rome." The first step in the process is to get the person to question "Sola Scriptura" or "Scripture Alone." But do these Catholic apologists have the proper understanding of Sola Scriptura? Rev. Steven Parks pastor of University Hills Lutheran Church in Denver, CO will join Pastor Wolfmueller in this discussion about Sola Scriptura.

Show #4: Google Theology


What happens when you learn theology by typing terms into Google? On this edition of Table Talk Radio, we find out the answer to that question.