John Calvin/Calvinism

Show #129: Merry Christmas 2010


Table Talk Radio would like to wish a Merry Christmas to both of its listeners.

Table Scraps: Lutheran Comparison: Calvinism

In the next installment of our Lutheran Comparison series, Vicar Andrew Packer talks about Calvinist Theology.

Show #91: Name that Church's Confession


Pastor Wolfmueller is dealing with Facebook group obessioin and looking for a support group. Meanwhile, we play bumper sticker theology and Name that Church Body (from their confession).

Show #84: Name that Theologian on Conversion


After introducing buzz words and responding to some email, we play the CACG/10 Commandments in the News super game and then play Name that Theologian, using all quotes talking about conversion, i.e. how one becomes a Christian.

Show #54: Answer the Question As (History Edition)


With special guest, Dr. Larry Rast, Academic Dean and professor of historical theology at Concordia Theological Seminary, we play "Name that Theologian" and "Answer the Question As..."

Show #45: Islam


Today special guest Dr. Adam Francisco of Concordia Theological Seminary we talk about the religion of Islam. After our conversation with Dr. Francisco, we play the Bible Bee--Law/Gospel supergame.

Show #4: Google Theology


What happens when you learn theology by typing terms into Google? On this edition of Table Talk Radio, we find out the answer to that question.