Current Events

Some sort of current event - at least at the time it was made.

Show #42: Answer the Question As...


Once again, Professor John Pless joins the table to play Answer the Question As after which Pastor and Evan play Which Ladder with the Blasphemy Challenge You Tube Videos.

Table Scraps: The Communistic Language of the Missouri Synod's Blue Ribbon Task Force

When Pastor Warren Graff of Grace Lutheran Church in Albuquerque, NM talks with Pastor Wolfmueller about the Missouri Synod's Blue Ribbon Task Force, what do they discover concerning the proposals for

Show #39: Evan's Return from Madagascar


After digging into the listener mail bag and playing Law and/or Gospel, Evan talks about his Mercy Mission Expedition to Madagascar sponsored by LCMS World Relief.

Table Scraps: Creating Life in a Lab: Interview with Dr. Charles Jackson


How close are scientists to creating life in a laboratory? If they do, does it provide proof for Darwinian Evolution?

Table Scraps: President Obama's decision to lift the embryonic stem cell research ban with Dennis Di Mauro


Dennis Di Mauro, author of the book A Love for Life, takes time to talk with Evan about the recent decision of President Obama to lift the ban on embryonic stem cell research.