Show #396: Pastor Wolfmueller Has A Show Prep Epiphany?


On this episode of Table Talk Radio, after we discuss a few Buzzwords we pull the game Page For Points out of mothballs and give it a twist. Can the pastors guess the topic is being talked about, or what section of the book the comment comes from … before they run out of points? Tune in to find out. Next, we play Pastor Wolfmueller’s “favorite game” Name That Theologian. Stunningly mediocre radio! Oh well, That’s what you get when Pr Wolfmueller does show prep ;-)

Show #394: Electing To Do A Show About (the) Election and Noah’s Voicemails


On this episode of Table Talk Radio we boldly take on the subject of the recent election ,,, and Election. We also discuss physician assisted suicide (Euthanasia) being legalized in Colorado. How do Gnosticism and Epicureanism relate to that topic? Tune in and find out. Which of the 10 Commandments can be brought to bear while we listen to Donald J Trump’s Acceptance speech? We wrap this episode up by answering some listener Noah’s voice-mails which allows us to talk about Church and State, the 2nd Amendment,

Show # 377: In Case Of Rapture This Episode Will Still Be Liturgical!


On this edition of Table Talk Radio, after discussion the buzzwords Reformed and Rapture, we will answer a listener email about prayer and coming into the presence of God. After that we will play a quick game of Bumper Sticker Theology. Then we will play a new game called Liturgy Bible Bee, or is it Name That Part Of The Liturgy, where, you got it, we will guess which part of the Liturgy a given sentence, words or word is from.