Show #432: The Broken Chronicles of Nadia (Bolz-Weber)


Are we broken or are we sinners in need of redemption? On this episode Pastors Wolfmueller and Goeglein pay careful attention to and apply critical listening skills as they review an interview with “Pastor” Nadia Bolz-Weber as she appeared on a Colorado Public Radio to discuss her book, our brokenness and mistakes, and Christianity as she perceives it. Sometimes what she says is subtle so put on your discernment hats.

Show #410: The Easter Crunch Continued


As if crunching praise songs wasn’t enough for 1 week, we continued to crunch praise songs for the second week of Easter. How many weeks does Easter last again?

Show # 374: Let the eMail InBox Purging Begin!!


Wow! We actually have email to purge. What better excuse to play Bumper Sticker Theology and Church Sign Theology. On this edition of Table Talk Radio we will answer your emails. You know what that means? That's right. We need you to s end more emails! This is the best mediocre radio show ever listened to by so few people!!