Matt 5

Show #71: Introduction of the New Website


After promoting the New Website, the Reformation Glee club and Pastor's new book (, we play Law and/or Gospel and also 10 Commandments in the News. What happens when a 17 y/o girl runs away from her Muslim family after converting to Christianity?

Show #7: Who Wants to be a Theologian?


Today on Table Talk Radio Evan and Pr Wolfmueller began by playing "Who Want to be a Theologian" followed by "Which Ladder" with special guest Rev. Randy Golter, District President of the Rocky Mountain District of the LCMS. After that, they continue by playing Church Father or.....? Lastly, Rev. Hans Fiene of Mount Calvary Lutheran Church in Denver steps in the Studio to discuss Adolf Koberle's Quest for Holiness.

Show #4: Google Theology


What happens when you learn theology by typing terms into Google? On this edition of Table Talk Radio, we find out the answer to that question.