Roman Catholicism

Show #71: Introduction of the New Website


After promoting the New Website, the Reformation Glee club and Pastor's new book (, we play Law and/or Gospel and also 10 Commandments in the News. What happens when a 17 y/o girl runs away from her Muslim family after converting to Christianity?

Show #32: Myth Busters with the Marian Dogmas


We take the four Roman Catholic Dogmas of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Theotokos,Semper Virgo, Assumption and Immaculate Conception) and run them trough the Table Talk Radio Myth Busters analysis.

Show #3: Which Ladder Gets You to Heaven?


In this edition of Table Talk Radio, we play a new game called "Which Ladder" where we discuss different man-made ladders people build in their attempt to reach God.