Roman Catholicism

Show #242: Name that Game Game


You may want to skip this episode of Table Talk Radio where Pastor Wolfmeuller promotes the Cult of Pure Doctrine, plays "Name that Game" and finishes up by not answering listener emails.

Show #240: Two Pastors, Two Seminarians, One Bad Show


Joined by Seminarian Robbie Rojas and Seminarian Ben Siebert, the Seminarians throw some church bodies at Wolfmueller to see if he can guess who they are. They then figure out which of the 10 commandments are involved in a couple news stories.

Show #220: Who Wants to be Shunned


After answering a follow-up email as to how we are to treat family and friends in unrepentant sin, we play "Who Wants to be a Theologian," with audio clips. Finally, we end up playing "10 Commandments in the News."

Show #164: Emails, Church Signs, Church Bodies


After responding to anonymous emails, Evan and Bryan play "Church Sign/Bumper Sticker Theology" and "Name that Church Body."

Show #117: Sanctification: Daily Death and Resurrection


In this edition of Table Talk Radio, after responding to listeners, we play "Name that Church Body" with old and new church bodies, followed by a discussion based on Pastor Wolfmueller's article entitled Sanctification: Daily Death and Resurrection.

Table Scraps: Lutheran Comparison: Roman Catholicism

Starting a Table Scraps series comparing Christian denominations, we begin with a study on Roman Catholicism with Eddie Kolodziej, former Roman Catholic and member of Faith Lutheran Church in Plano, TX. Opening music provided by

Show #103: Name that Walther Thesis


After playing bumper sticker theology with the bumper stickers sent in by our listeners, we play the summertime edition of Table Talk Jeopardy, then introduce a new game called "Name that Walther Thesis." In this game, you choose from three or four selected theses of Walther's Proper Distinction between Law and Gospel after hearing the entry by popular pastors or teachers.

Show #73: Don't Forget the Stanzas to Your Rare Luther Hymns


In today's edition of Table Talk Radio we play a new game "Questions in Pastoral Care" where Evan gets to ask Pastor any question whatsoever. After that we play "10 commandments in the news" and then we play a few lesser known Luther hymns to see if pastor can remember the stanzas.

Table Scraps: Sola Fide

Continuing our conversation with Rev. Steven Parks, Pastor of University Hills Lutheran Church in Denver, CO about the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and the Solas of the Reformation. This edition talks about Sola Fide and the Roman Catholic understanding of Justification.

Table Scraps: Sola Scriptura

There is a handful of Protestant pastors who have left their church bodies and have joined the Roman Catholic Church. Some of them have taken it upon themselves to convince other non-Catholics to also "come home to Rome." The first step in the process is to get the person to question "Sola Scriptura" or "Scripture Alone." But do these Catholic apologists have the proper understanding of Sola Scriptura? Rev. Steven Parks pastor of University Hills Lutheran Church in Denver, CO will join Pastor Wolfmueller in this discussion about Sola Scriptura.