Show #399: The 6 Attributes Of Lex Showprepi, Lex Mediocriti


On this episode of Table Talk Radio after Pastor Wolfmueller shares about his trip to Taiwan we discuss our Buzzwords, especially Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi. Then we play a new game called What Attribute Of Scripture Is This Denying so we can discuss some the 6 attributes of the Holy Scriptures and so we can answer a few listener emails. - As We Show Prep, So We Make Mediocre Radio!

Show #363: Cult Member or Biggest Looser?


DON"T WORRY, Pastor Wolfmueller is feeling okay, he just can't say the name of the cult he is describing to Pastor Goeglein as we play Meet My Neighbor, the Cult Member. Then we will review the audio from two video clips sent by listener Chris as we have Pastor Wolfmueller jump up on the theological treadmill and see who will be the Biggest Looser. We even sneak in a game of Name That Theologian.