Rev. Brian Flamme

Show #402: The Virtuously Viceful Flamme Show


On this episode of Table Talk Radio after we discuss our Buzzwords Rev. Brian Flamme makes his first, uh … that is his second, and likely his last, appearance on the show to help us play Name That Theologian. Pr. Flamme first appeared on Show 332 as Lumpys New Friend We follow that with a rousing game of 10 Commandments In The News. Will the Flamme be virtuous and win the most points? Or will he give in to vice and as a result excel in mediocrity? Tune in and find out!

Show #332: Lumpy’s New Friend, @MissionVision1962


In a showdown of Hope Lutheran Church pastors, who will prevail as Brian the Greater and who will succumb to Bryan the Lesser in a contest of Iron Preacher? Also, Lumpy stops by to introduce us to a new friend of his, @MissionVision1962.