Original Sin

Show #426: Lady Gaga’s Invisible Snake


In today’s show we discover the “Silver Bullet” for bringing in the youth and discover Lady Gaga & the Dali Lama’s explanation for evil in the world.

Show #423: This Show Is Full Of Concupiscence … and Hymns


What happens when Pastor Wolfmueller get to do the show prep? He gets to play his favorite games like Name That Theologian and Don’t Forget The Stanza To Your Hymns. This show is full of concupiscence.

Show #422: Preaching Original Sin To Hollywood


After we answer some listener emails we play the Preaching to Hollywood game and discuss Original Sin and Guilt.

Show #395: Is Your Missionarific Church A Gift?


On this episode of Table Talk Radio, after Pr Wolfmueller shamelessly self-promotes his self-publishing at wolfmueller.co, we discuss a few Buzzwords. Next, ever heard of the Blogger’s Prayer? Or the Kitchen Prayer? Well, if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery – does that also apply to the Lord’s Prayer? To answer this question we read and discuss some alternate forms of the Lord’s Prayer. Then Pr Wolfmueller brings us the song Heathens by 21 Pilots, which allows us to Preach To Hollywood about Original Sin. Then we will explore the question, Is Your Missionarific Church A Gift? With a touch of time left in this episode we listen to Flawless by Mercy Me and do a little more Preaching To Hollywood. Exceedingly mediocre radio at its very best!

Show #386: OMM! It's A Preaching To Hollywood Marathon!!


On this episode of TTR we open up the emails and sort for any that ask us to review songs by Preaching To Hollywood. Today's marathon entries are: 1) Holy by Florida Georgia Line 2) Bleeding Out by Imagine Dragons and 3) Call Me by Shine Down. We couldn't think of a more mediocre way to talk about the N.A.R., Concupiscence and Blasphemy - OMM! (Oh My Muhammad!)

Show # 371: Imagining Dragons, The Rapture and Trump, Oh My!


On this edition of Table Talk Radio will play Preaching to Hollywood in response to an anonymous listener email question about the Mormon theology in an Imagine Dragons song. The END is near!

Then a "Robot" listener sends us a voicemail and asks us to play Bumper Sticker Theology so we can discuss the doctrine of the Rapture! Gloom, despair and agony on me!!

Another listener sends us a voicemail and asks us to play another round of Bumper Sticker Theology so we can discuss the Tithe and the IRS! Cheerful??

Then we attempt to rise out of mediocrity, briefly, by playing a round of 10 Commandments In The News with pastor Warren Graff as our guest. He'll discuss Donald Trump and Socialism.

Prepare yourself for the best mediocre radio ever!

Show #354: We Hold This Doctrine To Be Self Evident


We hold this doctrine to be self-evident; that all men are born sinful and unclean. There is nothing like a rousing game of Table Talk Jeopardy to prove the mediocrity of Table Talk Radio. Then we play a quick game of Bumper Sticker Theology. Sometimes we just get on a roll!

Show #220: Who Wants to be Shunned


After answering a follow-up email as to how we are to treat family and friends in unrepentant sin, we play "Who Wants to be a Theologian," with audio clips. Finally, we end up playing "10 Commandments in the News."

Show #171: Lumpy 2 Methodists 0


After responding to email and another visit from Lumpy Chunckle Buns, we play "Name that Theologian" and Wolfmueller wiffs.

Show #77: Emails, Praise Songs, Baptism


In this edition we are joined by Vicar Brian Bucklew of Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Moblie, AL after responding to listeners, we crunch a couple praise songs, and talk about baptism. Vicar Bucklew wrote a newsletter article entitled "Baptism Works the Forgiveness Sins," which can be read here, under the "articles" tab.