Holy Spirit

All things related to the Holy Spirit.

Show #401: This Relational Episode is Incurvatus In Se


On this episode of Table Talk Radio after we discuss our Buzzwords Guilt and Incurvatus In Se, and answer a listener email about Relational Evangelism, we Continue our Praise Song Cruncher Marathon by looking at Make You Move as sung by the worship team at Bethel church. It’s just mystical beyond all knowing!

Show #398: The Best No Show Prep Show Ever


On this episode of Table Talk Radio, after we discuss a few Buzzwords, we play Pastor Wolfmueller’s favorite game Name That Theologian. Then, to prove that no show prep makes for a good show we play Answer The Question As and then manage to squeeze in a round of the Name That Game game which results in us playing Comfort The Child Kick The Dog. And don’t forget to check out Rev Fisk on KFUO radio and also 94 The Bridge from Rogue River Oregon

Show #258: Christian Radio Heresy Buzzer


Have you ever been haunted by Christian talk radio? Today Bryan and Evan develop a buzzer to help you discern Christian talk radio. That after considering your bumper sticker and church sign reports. 1-800-385-7652.

The Holy Trinity Chart

A chart that studies the doctrine of the Holy Trinity and charts the attributes of each person.

Show #2: How do you get to Heaven?


Pastor Wolfmueller spent some time on the streets of Denver asking people "How do you get to heaven?" We start out this edition talking about their responses. We then play Table Talk Jeopardy, Who Wants to be a Theologian and end up by responding to questions from our listeners.