Preaching to Hollywood

Show #388: Is Our First Facebook LIVE Show Neo-Monastic?


Who ever thought that LIVE video would make good radio? We did that's who! On this edition of Table Talk Radio you will get to hear the audio portion of our first ever Facebook LIVE show. How mediocre is that? And on this episode we will run the song All Because Of Jesus by Casting Crowns through the olde Praise Song Cruncher and see how it fairs. Then we will take a trip through Pastor Wolfmueller's office and play What's In Your Pastor's Library. Finally, we will do a little Preaching To Hollywood as we look at the Taylor Swift song The New Romantic. So, close your eyes and imagine your watching us LIVE on FB ... but not if your driving!!!!!

Show #386: OMM! It's A Preaching To Hollywood Marathon!!


On this episode of TTR we open up the emails and sort for any that ask us to review songs by Preaching To Hollywood. Today's marathon entries are: 1) Holy by Florida Georgia Line 2) Bleeding Out by Imagine Dragons and 3) Call Me by Shine Down. We couldn't think of a more mediocre way to talk about the N.A.R., Concupiscence and Blasphemy - OMM! (Oh My Muhammad!)

Show #385: Does Deepak Chopra’s Ladder Have A Gender?


Table Talk Radio’s Which Ladder Marathon continues! After some buzzwords, voicemails and a rousing game of Preaching to Hollywood we play some audio from Deepak Chopra and try to discern Which Ladder he is climbing.

Show # 376: Crunching Praise Songs Is So Repetitive It's Repetitive!


On this edition of Table Talk Radio we will play Praise Song Cruncher as we respond to listener emails. Listener #3 (or is it #4) from Australia offers up the song See His Love from Jesus Culture and This I Believe by Hillsong. We will also Preach To Hollywood as we review My Church by Maren Morris.

Show # 371: Imagining Dragons, The Rapture and Trump, Oh My!


On this edition of Table Talk Radio will play Preaching to Hollywood in response to an anonymous listener email question about the Mormon theology in an Imagine Dragons song. The END is near!

Then a "Robot" listener sends us a voicemail and asks us to play Bumper Sticker Theology so we can discuss the doctrine of the Rapture! Gloom, despair and agony on me!!

Another listener sends us a voicemail and asks us to play another round of Bumper Sticker Theology so we can discuss the Tithe and the IRS! Cheerful??

Then we attempt to rise out of mediocrity, briefly, by playing a round of 10 Commandments In The News with pastor Warren Graff as our guest. He'll discuss Donald Trump and Socialism.

Prepare yourself for the best mediocre radio ever!

Show #368: Preaching Doritos To Hollywood


On this edition of Table Talk Radio we will answer some listener email by playing Name That Calvinist Confession (document), Preaching to Hollywood and a quick game of Bible Bee. Then we will see if we can figure out what a puppymonkeybaby is by playing 10 Commandments In The News ... Its all about those Doritos!

Show #350: Canons ready! Firing Good Preaching Hollywood’s Way.


After we fire off a few buzzwords we attempt to put the best construction on listener email. Then we get busy Preaching to Hollywood, or do we? We will also look for the 10 Commandments in the News. If this isn’t the best mediocre radio on the inter-web then ... we had better get busy with next weeks show!

Show #346: Imagining Dinosaur Dragons


Pastor Wolfmueller returns from Israel with his best radio voice. On this episode of Table Talk Radio we Preach to Hollywood as we Imagine Dinosaurs or rather Dragons. Then we play a little 10 Commandments in the News.

Show #342: Nacho Libre


In today's edition of Table Talk Radio we play a little #theology and Preaching to Hollywood with the song "Hard to Be" by David Bazan, then finish up looking at your bumper stickers and church signs. Report your church signs and bumper stickers to 800-385-7652.

Show #337:Stay High in your Gyro-copter


In today's edition we examine Tove Lo's song entitled Habits (Stay High) and discuss why people need to stay high to avoid a righteous God. Also, what commandments are involved when a postal worker flies his gyro-copter on the lawn of the capital building.