Age of Accountabillity

Show # 369: 2KR - This Paradigm Is So Systematic


On this edition of Table Talk Radio will play Name That Theologian in response to a listener email question about 2KR or Two Kinds of Righteousness. Let the hilarity ensue! Then another listener email asks us to Play Out The Scenario ... in 45 seconds!! Decisions, Decisions! Yet another listener email about Church attendance vs just believing inspires us to Kick The Dog and Comfort The Child. Get thee to Church and receive!!! And what episode would be complete without a quick round of 10 Commandments In The News. Prepare yourself for the best mediocre radio ever!

Email concerning Age of Accountablity

Dear Esteemed and Illustrious Hosts:

I am always struck by the questions regarding the age of accountability and the wonder that people have when they learn that it is not found in Scripture. Many would be surprised to learn that it is an ancient legal doctrine developed to address the issue of children who commit crimes or civil torts. I reproduce here for the benefit of your listeners a Section II of Volume IV of the 17th Century Commentaries of WIlliam Blackstone on the common law of England which forms the basis for our American law system.

Show #228: Brian Kachelmeier vs. Ed Young Jr.


Introducing a slightly new format to Table Talk Radio, Pastor Brian Kachelmeier of Redeemer Theological Academy teaching goes against Pastor Ed Young Jr. in 23 seconds. Then Pastor Wolfmueller forgets Advent Hymns.