Show # 377: In Case Of Rapture This Episode Will Still Be Liturgical!


On this edition of Table Talk Radio, after discussion the buzzwords Reformed and Rapture, we will answer a listener email about prayer and coming into the presence of God. After that we will play a quick game of Bumper Sticker Theology. Then we will play a new game called Liturgy Bible Bee, or is it Name That Part Of The Liturgy, where, you got it, we will guess which part of the Liturgy a given sentence, words or word is from.

Show # 374: Let the eMail InBox Purging Begin!!


Wow! We actually have email to purge. What better excuse to play Bumper Sticker Theology and Church Sign Theology. On this edition of Table Talk Radio we will answer your emails. You know what that means? That's right. We need you to s end more emails! This is the best mediocre radio show ever listened to by so few people!!

Table Scraps: Refuting Missing Link Claims

How should we respond when talking to evolutionists and they make the claim that the fossil record represents fossils that are in transition between species between apes and man. Dr. Charles Jackson of Creation Truth Foundation joins us to discuss some of the common cases that are often made for a "missing link."

Table Scraps Live: Creationism vs. Evolution with Dr. Jackson


For the first Table Scraps Live we interview Dr. Charles Jackson of Creation Truth Foundation taking calls and email questions about Evolution and Creationism.

Table Scraps: The Ideology of Evolution with Rev. Warren Graff


Rev. Warren Graff, Pastor of Grace Lutheran Church in Albuquerque, NM talk with Pastor Wolfmueller about Evolutionism and it's ideology and the effect it has on the state, the church and our families.

Expelled - No Intelligence Allowed


Dr. Charles Jackson of Point of Origin Ministries discusses the movie "Expelled" staring Ben Stein.