Vicar Matthew Jukola

Summer Vicar at Hope Lutheran Church in Aurora, CO in the summer of 2012

Show #241: Vicar Emeritus


Vicar Matthew Jukola joins us once again for another broadcast of Table Talk Radio and he prepares for his real vicarage.

Show #218: Call-in Bible Bee


After a buzz words and email, Bryan and Evan crunch a Chris Tomlin song and then have a surprise call in for Bible Bee.

Show #214: Which Temple Did I Visit?


For Vicar's final show we play "Which Temple Did I Visit" and also "Bible Bee" Vicar Jukola verses Pastor Goeglein.

Show #213: Simultaneously Lumpy & Wolfmueller


After responding to some emails, Lumpy comes on to show us the difference between Calvinists and Lutherans on simile est et peccator then Table Talk Radio runs the songs "Oceans From Rain" and "To The Cross I Cling" through the Praise Song Cruncher.

Show #212: Vicar instead of Wolfmueller


In Pastor Wolfmueller's absence, Vicar Matthew Jukola takes his seat to analyze some bumper stickers and church signs and also to play "Name that Church Body."