Meet My Neighbor, the Cult Member

Given a few details about a person's believes, can you guess the name of the cult?

Show # 375: This Episode Really Needs To Be Atoned For?


On this edition of Table Talk Radio we will play Meet My Neighbor The Cult Member as we breakdown and discuss a blog post from David Lose, President of the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Philedelphia, about how the death of Christ on the cross is about identification, solidarity, and love. This edition promises to be really good mediocre radio.

Show #363: Cult Member or Biggest Looser?


DON"T WORRY, Pastor Wolfmueller is feeling okay, he just can't say the name of the cult he is describing to Pastor Goeglein as we play Meet My Neighbor, the Cult Member. Then we will review the audio from two video clips sent by listener Chris as we have Pastor Wolfmueller jump up on the theological treadmill and see who will be the Biggest Looser. We even sneak in a game of Name That Theologian.

Show #215: Catholic Outreach Program


Today on Table Talk Radio, Bryan and Evan play these obscure games that Table Talk Radio played once upon a time, "Meet My Neighbor, the Cult member" and "Name the Church Council."

Show #192: Meet My Neighbor, the Cult Member


Before sticking kids' music through the praise song cruncher, we response to the a Calvinist's assertion that the Book of Concord is not neat and tidy and Calvinist's confessions are. Then we introduce the brand new game "Meet My Neighbor, the Cult Member."