Rev. Ryan Ogrodowicz

Pastor of Victory Lutheran Church in Newark, TX.

Show #284: Bees!


Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller and Pastor Ryan Ogrodowicz face off in Bible Bee AND Book of Concord Bee!

Show #254: Your Missionorific Miniute


After listening in to LCMS convention, Bryan and Evan play "Church Sign Theology" and "Bumper Sticker Theology" and finally play "How Biga Missionalist Are Ya" with a brief Visit from Pastor Ryan Ogrodowicz who gives us a review of "The Story."

Show #183: Perseverance of the Listeners


After answering listener emails about the certainty of "Once Saved Always Saved," Lumpy is on the scene to answer the question, "Do Calvinists really believe that Jesus didn't die for everyone?" Lastly, we play Bible Bee with guest star Pastor Ryan Ogrodowicz of Victory Lutheran Church in Newark, TX.