American Evangelicalism

Table Scraps: Has American Christianity Failed?

Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller's presentation at the University of Boulder on his book Has American Christianity Failed.

Show #276: This Show is Regret


The prescription for this edition of Table Talk Radio is as follows: Praise Song Cruncher, Bumper Sticker/Church Sign Theology, 10 commandments in the news, rinse, repeat. Listen to the crunch of “My Name is Regret” by Matthew West

Show #186: We Are All Connected Chemically, Which Ladder?


Lumpy returns (again) to report his findings on the question, did Calvin really teach that Jesus didn't die for everyone. Then, we play "Which Ladder" with some crazy scientist, Glenn Beck and some Christians who go to "The Rock."

Show #159: Crunching at the Cross


In this edition of Table Talk Radio, Bryan and Evan crunch "At the Cross" and also play Contemporary or Traditional?

Show #141: Biggest Losers


After responding to an email from our Calvinist critics, we play Biggest Loser, a game that takes that non-Gospel fat out of sermons to see what is left.

Show #140: Being Lutheran in the Wilderness of Evangelicalism


After responding to emails, Evan talks about his presentation on "Being Lutheran in the Wilderness of Evangelicalism" then play "Name that Theologian."

Show #118: Praise Song Cruncher Teasier


This edition of Table Talk Radio gives our listeners a foretaste of the feast of the Praise Song Cruncher Marathon to come. (And is a present reality Before that, we practice the TI and respond to our listeners.

Show #110: Table Talk Radio's Youth Gathering Survival Kit


Youth gatherings and conferences are where some of the worst theology is preached and practiced. Don't go to another youth gathering without the Youth Gathering Survival Kit provided by Table Talk Radio. The YG Survival Kit consists of 4 regular Table Talk Radio games: Law and/or Gospel, Praise Song Crunchier, Which Ladder and the checklist on how to tell if your being emotionally manipulated by a youth speaker. In this edition, you will see Pastor and Evan demonstrate how to play these games at a youth gathering using audio from the National Youth Gathering of the LCMS.

Show# 105: Name that Theologian and Praise Song Cruncher


In today's edition of Table Talk Radio, we play everyone's favorite games. First, we play Name that Theologian and then the all famous Praise Song Cruncher.

Show #97: The Good and the Bad of the Praise Song Cruncher


In this edition of Table Talk Radio, Pastor and Evan use the praise song cruncher to analyze two different praise songs. One gets absolutely slaughtered in the cruncher, and the other does quite well. After that they play Bible Bee with the Law-Gospel twist. WARNING: This episode contains 15 extra minutes of Table Talk Radio. It is not for the faint of heart.