Show #209:Wolfmueller En Route


While Pastor Wolfmuller drives to church, Evan and Bryan play the games "Church Sign" and "Bumper Sticker" theology and "Myth Busters." Then they introduce a new game, "Ask the Questions As..." where Pastor Wolfmueller argues against Pastor Goeglein as a baptist on the issue of baptism.

Show #169: Google It


Going back to the days we used to play "google it" we also play 10 commandments in the news and also bumper stickers theology/church sign theology.

Table Scraps Live: Baptism with Pastor Eric Brown

For the second Table Scraps Live, Pastor Eric Brown of Zion Lutheran Church in Lahoma, OK talks about the Lutheran understanding of the Sacrament of Holy Baptism.

Show #77: Emails, Praise Songs, Baptism


In this edition we are joined by Vicar Brian Bucklew of Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Moblie, AL after responding to listeners, we crunch a couple praise songs, and talk about baptism. Vicar Bucklew wrote a newsletter article entitled "Baptism Works the Forgiveness Sins," which can be read here, under the "articles" tab.

Baptism Works the Forgiveness of Sins

Well as many of you probably know, I have baby Lydia on my mind. It has been a joy to yet again receive such a precious gift of God in having another child. Is there anything more precious and priceless as children? Well, actually there is - the forgiveness of sins. Where there is forgiveness of sins, there is also life and salvation. Now that is most precious and priceless, because it gives us and our baptized children eternal life with our Lord.

Show #54: Answer the Question As (History Edition)


With special guest, Dr. Larry Rast, Academic Dean and professor of historical theology at Concordia Theological Seminary, we play "Name that Theologian" and "Answer the Question As..."

Show #45: Islam


Today special guest Dr. Adam Francisco of Concordia Theological Seminary we talk about the religion of Islam. After our conversation with Dr. Francisco, we play the Bible Bee--Law/Gospel supergame.

Show #30: Baptism Edition


After responding to listener phone calls, we have our baptism edition of Table Talk Radio in celebration of the Baptism of our Lord by playing Law and/or Gospel, Table Talk Jeopardy and Bible Bee.

Infant Baptism: The Perfect Picture of Sola Fide

I had a conversation lately with someone near and dear to me about Baptism. This person recently was baptized in a non-denominational church after coming to the conclusion that the baptism he had as an infant in the Lutheran church was not a “real” baptism.

Show #4: Google Theology


What happens when you learn theology by typing terms into Google? On this edition of Table Talk Radio, we find out the answer to that question.