Order the Events of...

Show #288: Holy Week Edition


In today’s Holy Week Edition of Table Talk Radio, after responding to your emails, we play Holy Week in the News, Easter in the News and Order the Events of Holy Week.
Games: 10 Commandments in the News, Order the Events Of…

Show #146: Easter 2011


Christ has risen, He has risen indeed, Alleluia! For the 2011 Easter edition of Table Talk Radio, pastor and Evan play "Order the Events of Easter" then play Table Talk Jeopardy. The two categories on the table are: "The Sweet Names of Death" and "Questions from Evan's Confessions III Test."

Show #145: Holy Week 2011


In the 2011 Holy Week edition of Table Talk Radio, after responding to positive and negative emails about the praise song cruncher, Pastor quizzes Evan on ordering the events of Holy Week, then Evan reads from Rob Bell's "Love Wins" in a game of "The Predicable Pastor."