Show #394: Electing To Do A Show About (the) Election and Noah’s Voicemails


On this episode of Table Talk Radio we boldly take on the subject of the recent election ,,, and Election. We also discuss physician assisted suicide (Euthanasia) being legalized in Colorado. How do Gnosticism and Epicureanism relate to that topic? Tune in and find out. Which of the 10 Commandments can be brought to bear while we listen to Donald J Trump’s Acceptance speech? We wrap this episode up by answering some listener Noah’s voice-mails which allows us to talk about Church and State, the 2nd Amendment,

Show #234: Ninja Pastors in Your Face


Returning to the game "Ask a Ninja Pastor" before playing "10 Commandments in the News" and responding to email about the question of Euthanasia.

Show #116: Why Isn't Aunt Betty Saved Again?


After Buzzwords, Pastor gives Evan his next TI (theological interview) question. Then they respond to listeners and play 10 commandments in the news with the Casual Apologetics Conversation Game.