Table Talk Radio's usual programming medium.

Show # 381: Full Body Transplants? How About A Full Episode Transplant! Sweet!!!!!


On this edition of Table Talk Radio, after sneaking in a quick game of Answer The Question As we will discuss the buzzwords Sacerdotalism and Means of Grace. Then we will play a game of 10 Commandments In The News which will allow us to discuss full body transplants and authority. Finally, we dust off Bible Bee and see which pastor can score the most Table Talk Radio points!!

Show #380: The Biblical Proof for LLDs? Show me the $$$$


With the Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod discussing the practice of having a deacons licensed to preach and administer the sacrament, even though Jesus doesn't authorize them to do so publicly, many have published propaganda to try and influence delegates to the church body's convention. The Northwest District of the LCMS is among them with it's latest video. Let's see just how biga missionalist the Northwest District is.

Show # 379: This Episode is Nihilistic! - It Has No Meaning, or Does It?


On this edition of Table Talk Radio, after discussion the buzzwords Conciliarism and Nihilism, how fun is that, we will play a spirited game of Name That Theologian and discuss the Office of the Holy Ministry and the Marks of the Church (did you know there were 7?). Then as we attempt to answer a listener voicemail we will play Praise Song Cruncher and look at te song I'm Trading My Sorrows. As usual this episode has no meaning or purpose. Well, actually it does, but we cant tell you what it is!!

Show # 378: This Episode Self-Identifies As A Good Radio Show!


On this edition of Table Talk Radio, after discussion the buzzwords Concupiscence and Consubstantiation, we will play Answer The Question As. Then while playing 10 Commandments In The News we basically play a new game Am I A Man Or A Woman. We self-identify this episode as a good radio show!

Show # 377: In Case Of Rapture This Episode Will Still Be Liturgical!


On this edition of Table Talk Radio, after discussion the buzzwords Reformed and Rapture, we will answer a listener email about prayer and coming into the presence of God. After that we will play a quick game of Bumper Sticker Theology. Then we will play a new game called Liturgy Bible Bee, or is it Name That Part Of The Liturgy, where, you got it, we will guess which part of the Liturgy a given sentence, words or word is from.

Show # 376: Crunching Praise Songs Is So Repetitive It's Repetitive!


On this edition of Table Talk Radio we will play Praise Song Cruncher as we respond to listener emails. Listener #3 (or is it #4) from Australia offers up the song See His Love from Jesus Culture and This I Believe by Hillsong. We will also Preach To Hollywood as we review My Church by Maren Morris.

Show # 375: This Episode Really Needs To Be Atoned For?


On this edition of Table Talk Radio we will play Meet My Neighbor The Cult Member as we breakdown and discuss a blog post from David Lose, President of the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Philedelphia, about how the death of Christ on the cross is about identification, solidarity, and love. This edition promises to be really good mediocre radio.

Show # 374: Let the eMail InBox Purging Begin!!


Wow! We actually have email to purge. What better excuse to play Bumper Sticker Theology and Church Sign Theology. On this edition of Table Talk Radio we will answer your emails. You know what that means? That's right. We need you to s end more emails! This is the best mediocre radio show ever listened to by so few people!!

Show # 373: A Very Passionate Episode! Let The Suffering Begin!!


On this edition of Table Talk Radio Pastor Wolfmueller invents a new game called Name That Text From The Passion which is alot like Bible Bee which we will also play. This edition is filled with passion and suffering. Then, as if that's not enough, we continue outsourcing talent as Rev. Warren Graff joins us again!

Show # 372: A Man and a Penguin Climb a Ladder! Oh Yeah, Prove It!


On this edition of Table Talk Radio we will sink to new lows by discussing what it means to be a Bad Cow. My Karma Ran Over Your Dogma!

Then listener Peter sends us an email and asks Pastor Wolfmueller to Prove It when it comes to only pastors/elders administering the Lord's Supper.

Ever wonder Which Ladder will get you to Pureland? Yeah, neither did we! But a listener email will have us talking about it anyway.

In a 10 Commandments In The News segment we'll discuss how a man and his pet Penguin relate to the 7th Commandment. We'll also discuss whether or not a business is obligated to provide Muslim workers time to pray in their work day.

Finally, we continue our audition of potential co-host Pastor Warren Graff by playing another round of 10 Commandments In The News. He'll discuss the news that of a school in England instructing students to write an essay explaining to their families why they converted to Islam.

Let the mediocrity continue!