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Show #412: Yelp that Church


Can you name that church body that is a 3 and 17/64th point Calvinst?

A Commerical

Come to Germany....please.

Show #411: Halle! It’s Table Talk Radio!


Answer the question without creating a new ministry, emails, church signs, bumper stickers—this episode has it all.

Show #410: The Easter Crunch Continued


As if crunching praise songs wasn’t enough for 1 week, we continued to crunch praise songs for the second week of Easter. How many weeks does Easter last again?

Show #409: The Easter Crunch


It turns out that the Easter praise songs are as empty as the grave of Jesus. We’ll prove it!

Show #408: The Chocolate Jesus Ultra Mega Super Bible Bee Show


First we do a little more Preaching to Hollywood about the song Chocolate Jesus. Then … What is the Ultra Mega Super Bible Bee ? Well, When the Old Testament verses are quoted in the New Testament can we guess both books? Grab a piece of paper and play along! You might even get all wet if Pastor Wolfmueller shares a Baptism Verse of the Day!!

Show #407: Getting Punned To Death By Church Signs


What is the Black Parade? Find out as we Preach To Hollywood! Then we get punned to death as we play Bumper Sticker and Church Sign Theology. You’ll also get all wet as Pastor Wolfmueller shares a Baptism Verse of the Day

Show #406: Will The Pirate Conquer The Iron Preacher?


On this episode we skip right past Buzzwords and emails so Pastor Chris Rosebrough, The Captain of Pirate Christian Radio, can join us for a lively game of Iron Preacher against Pastor Wolfmueller. The preaching is based on Luke 22:47-53 and judging this game is Pastor Carl Fickenscher! AVAST (Be Steadfast) YE MATEYS!!

Show #405: Don’t Touch This Bad Bump Music Show


What do Listener Emails about ACXIV and the games What Verse Is Luther Commenting On and 10 Commandments In The News have to do with great radio? We don’t know. But give a listen anyway!

Show #404: Unam Sanctam Math


Learning how Rome did math in 1302, we read your emails, preach spontaneously and sketch out the ideal worship service that is sure to scare all men away for good.