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Show #332: Lumpy’s New Friend, @MissionVision1962


In a showdown of Hope Lutheran Church pastors, who will prevail as Brian the Greater and who will succumb to Bryan the Lesser in a contest of Iron Preacher? Also, Lumpy stops by to introduce us to a new friend of his, @MissionVision1962.

Show #331: Influencing False Teachers


How is it possible for a false teacher on the clergy roster in the Northwest District go without being rebuked by the District President? In today's edition of Table Talk Radio, we have the answer. Also we play the first installment of the game "How to Tell You're Being Talked at by a Liberal."

The Letter:

February 23, 2015

Dear Brothers and Sisters of the Northwest District,

"...in Christ God was reconciling the world to himself, not counting their trespasses against them, and entrusting to us the message of reconciliation. Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ, God making his appeal through us."

2 Corinthians 5:19-20 (ESV)

Our God has called us all to be His ambassadors in this world. Our words and actions should all be measured and chosen insofar as they reflect the love of Jesus to each other and to those who don't know Him yet. It is also important for us to present an accurate reflection of who He is and how He relates to us as the objects of His love.

Show #330: Email Marathon


Spending the entire show reading listener emails, we talk about marriage, going to a Lutheran Seminary and whether there are one or two baptisms according to Holy Scripture.

Show #329: Synodical Storm Troopers


What happens when the Standard Operating Procedures prevent you from calling a false teacher a false teacher? That is discussed in the context of a new game "Public or Private," then we play a round of Table Talk Jeopardy on the topic of marriage.

Show #328: Everyone a Radio Host


In playing “Name that Theologian” we learn church growth methods haven’t changed in 40 years. We also try to name that church body by their statement of faith.

Show #327: What’s a Worldview?


Pastor Wolfmueller brings to the table a set of questions that every worldview is trying to answer. In playing Facebook theology and preaching to Hollywood, we try to arrive at what worldview is being professed.

Show #326: All About that Christ


Before Crunching Praise Songs, our listeners distract us with an awful Christian parody. Then we crunch the songs “Overflow” by Matt Maher and “I Will Worship You” by Matthew Ward. Finally, we take up a few bumper stickers and church signs.

Show #325: Heavy Metal Table Talk


Thanks to listener email, Table Talk Radio turns Christian death metal. Then we play some hashtag theology, Facebook theology and bumper sticker/church sign theology.

Show #324: Peter the 13 year-old Show Host


In an attempt to improve the hosts IQ by several points, Peter comes on the show to play some Bible Bee and to see if Pastors Wolfmueller and Goeglein know their Bible.

Show #323: Atheists’ 10 Commandments


During a commitment to read through listener emails, we evaluate a Christian-ish song in “Preaching to Hollywood” and then talk about the Atheist’s version of the 10 commandments.