Title: Show #391: We The Church: A Review … And A Look At The Flamme’s Blog


On this episode of Table Talk Radio after a few Buzz type words, Orthopraxy and Distinction, we will review the Lutheran Hour Ministries video We The Church and discuss the effect of creating emergencies in the church. Then we will review a blog post by The Flamme. Tune in to see what all this mediocracy is all about!

Show #380: The Biblical Proof for LLDs? Show me the $$$$


With the Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod discussing the practice of having a deacons licensed to preach and administer the sacrament, even though Jesus doesn't authorize them to do so publicly, many have published propaganda to try and influence delegates to the church body's convention. The Northwest District of the LCMS is among them with it's latest video. Let's see just how biga missionalist the Northwest District is.

Show #257: Events in History Relevant to Lutheranism even though Lutheranism isn't an ism


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Show #110: Table Talk Radio's Youth Gathering Survival Kit


Youth gatherings and conferences are where some of the worst theology is preached and practiced. Don't go to another youth gathering without the Youth Gathering Survival Kit provided by Table Talk Radio. The YG Survival Kit consists of 4 regular Table Talk Radio games: Law and/or Gospel, Praise Song Crunchier, Which Ladder and the checklist on how to tell if your being emotionally manipulated by a youth speaker. In this edition, you will see Pastor and Evan demonstrate how to play these games at a youth gathering using audio from the National Youth Gathering of the LCMS.

Table Scraps:Considering President Kieschnick's Pre-convention Concerns with Guest Todd Wilken

The president of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, Gerald B. Kieschnick has released five video considerations before the 64th Regular Convention in Houston, TX July 10th though 17th. With host of Issues Etc, Todd Wilken, we take the time to consider the concerns of President Kieschnick just in time for the convention.

You can view the videos by clicking here (

Table Scraps: The Specific Ministry Pastor Program of the Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod

At the 2007 convention, the Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod approved the Specific Ministry Pastor Program (SMP) for the use of training men for specific ministries outside of the traditional residential seminary education. Pastor Brian Kachelmeir of Redeemer Lutheran Church in Los Alomos, NM comes on to talk about SMP: what it is and what it is not.