Name that Heresy

In this game, the contestant must identify the heresy based upon the quotes given.

Show #283: #theology


In a rather unique edition, Table Talk Radio introduces the brand new game #theology as well as, “You Might Be Anathema If” and Name that Heresy. Try to listen to the whole show if you can.

Show #262: TTR's New Co-Host!


After searching for years, we have finally replaced TTR's weakest link with a co-host with much more aptitude. Pastor Kachelmeier and Pastor Goeglein play "10 commandments in the News" and "Name that Heresy." Finally, Brian talks about the problems of the Licensed Deacon Program in the Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod.

Show #95: Name that Heresy


After a Christian side-hug and responding to listeners, we play "Name that Heresy." Pastor tries to guess contemporary heresies and Evan tries to guess ancient heresies.