Eastern Orthodoxy

Show #403: This Fake News About The Reformation Show Is All Wet!


Listener emails inspire games, much hilarity and cause us to define terms like Jubilee Theonomy and Supererogation. How much fun is that? We also analyze a YouTube video on the 500th Year of the Reformation. Is it FAKE NEWS or not?

Show #240: Two Pastors, Two Seminarians, One Bad Show


Joined by Seminarian Robbie Rojas and Seminarian Ben Siebert, the Seminarians throw some church bodies at Wolfmueller to see if he can guess who they are. They then figure out which of the 10 commandments are involved in a couple news stories.

Table Scraps: Lutheran Comparison: Eastern Orthodoxy

Continuing our study on Christian churches, Pastor Will Weedon talks about Eastern Orthodoxy.

Show #99: The Return of Church Sign Theology


By listener request, we revive the the historic Table Talk Radio game "Church Sign Theology," then play "Name that Church Body [by their website]"

Show #94: Name that Theologian Audio Edition


After reviving Table Talk Radio's Listener Participation Game (LPG), we play Name that Theologian with some audio clips and end up by playing the classic Table Talk Radio game: What's in your Pastor's Library?