Listener Response

We respond to our Listeners via our voice mail system (866) 851-5523 or email

Show #43: Introducing Theological Buzz Words


New to Table Talk Radio, Pastor and Evan give each other a "Theological Buzz Word" which they have to use during the show.

Show #40: The Holy Week Edition


For the Holy Week Edition of Table Talk Radio, after responding to listeners, we play Bible Bee and Contemporary or Traditional.

Show #39: Evan's Return from Madagascar


After digging into the listener mail bag and playing Law and/or Gospel, Evan talks about his Mercy Mission Expedition to Madagascar sponsored by LCMS World Relief.

Show #36: Return of Bumper Sticker Theology


After responding to listener email and forum posts, we play bumper sticker theology and name that theologian.

Show #18: Listener Response


Table Talk Radio begins by responding to Listener questions, talking about The Ablaze Movement and End Times.

Show #2: How do you get to Heaven?


Pastor Wolfmueller spent some time on the streets of Denver asking people "How do you get to heaven?" We start out this edition talking about their responses. We then play Table Talk Jeopardy, Who Wants to be a Theologian and end up by responding to questions from our listeners.