Show #422: Preaching Original Sin To Hollywood


After we answer some listener emails we play the Preaching to Hollywood game and discuss Original Sin and Guilt.

#390: Taking The 3 Estates To A New Level … with Best Intensions


On this episode of Table Talk Radio after a few Buzz Phrases we will take the 3 Estates to a New Level. Then we discuss the Heart Of Man as we Preach to Hollywood. We wrap this episode up by playing 10 Commandments In The News as we discuss Pope Francis’ statement on Catholics and Lutherans agreeing on Justification.

Show #341: Iron Preacher in the Airport


Pastor Kachelmeier comes back to challenge once more Table Talk Radio's Iron Preacher. Judged by Dr. Carl Fickenscher of Concordia Theological Seminary, will Kachelmeier have what it takes to come back with the win?

Show #118: Praise Song Cruncher Teasier


This edition of Table Talk Radio gives our listeners a foretaste of the feast of the Praise Song Cruncher Marathon to come. (And is a present reality http://www.tabletalkradio.org/content/node/193). Before that, we practice the TI and respond to our listeners.

Show #83: Justification and the New Perspective on Paul


After responding to listener email, we play the audio edition of Table Talk Jeopardy under the category "Justification."

Table Scraps: Sola Fide

Continuing our conversation with Rev. Steven Parks, Pastor of University Hills Lutheran Church in Denver, CO about the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and the Solas of the Reformation. This edition talks about Sola Fide and the Roman Catholic understanding of Justification.

Show #45: Islam


Today special guest Dr. Adam Francisco of Concordia Theological Seminary we talk about the religion of Islam. After our conversation with Dr. Francisco, we play the Bible Bee--Law/Gospel supergame.

Show #7: Who Wants to be a Theologian?


Today on Table Talk Radio Evan and Pr Wolfmueller began by playing "Who Want to be a Theologian" followed by "Which Ladder" with special guest Rev. Randy Golter, District President of the Rocky Mountain District of the LCMS. After that, they continue by playing Church Father or.....? Lastly, Rev. Hans Fiene of Mount Calvary Lutheran Church in Denver steps in the Studio to discuss Adolf Koberle's Quest for Holiness.

Show #5:Bible Bee


Right after a game of Table Talk Jeopardy: Audio edition, Table Talk Radio invites Rev. Brian Kachelmeier to play Bible Bee! That is followed by a new game; What's In Your Pastor's Library.

Show #2: How do you get to Heaven?


Pastor Wolfmueller spent some time on the streets of Denver asking people "How do you get to heaven?" We start out this edition talking about their responses. We then play Table Talk Jeopardy, Who Wants to be a Theologian and end up by responding to questions from our listeners.