Table Scrap

Table Scraps usually discusses current events or certain theological topics through interviews of experts in their field. Table Scraps is a great place to learn more about the Christian faith beyond what is discussed during the normal programming of Table Talk Radio.

Table Scraps: The Ideology of Evolution with Rev. Warren Graff


Rev. Warren Graff, Pastor of Grace Lutheran Church in Albuquerque, NM talk with Pastor Wolfmueller about Evolutionism and it's ideology and the effect it has on the state, the church and our families.

Table Scraps: Discussion with Dr. James Nestingen

Dr. Nestingen joins Pastor Wolfmueller for a discussion on Law/Gospel, the 10 Commandments and their social application.

Table Scraps: Discussion of Women's Ordination with Rev. Dale Dumperth

Shouldn't women have all the same rights and opportunities in the church as men? Listen as we talk about Women Pastors with Rev. Dale Dumperth of Grace Lutheran Church in McPherson, KS

Table Scraps: Interview with Dennis Di Mauro


Evan interviews Dennis Di Mauro, Secretary of the National Pro-Life Religious Council, President of Northern Virginia Lutherans for Life, and author of the book A Love for Life: Christianity's Consist

Table Scraps: Interview with Jeff Schwarz of Issues Etc

Pastor Wolfmueller interviews Jeff Schwarz, the producer of Issues Etc about Christian Radio in a Confessional Lutheran context.

Table Scraps: Interview with Pastor Tim Rossow of John the Steadfast

Pastor Wolfmueller interviews Rev. Dr.

Interview with Praise and Worship songwriter, Chris Tomlin

In this edition of Table Scraps, Pastor Wolfmueller interviews Christ Tomlin, popular contemporary Christian Music artist and song writer of the most popular Praise and Worship music heard in most chu

Playing the Pharisee Card with Rev. Todd Wilken of Issues Etc.

Evan and Pastor Wolfmueller interview Todd Wilken, host of the radio program Issues Etc. about his article in the latest edition of the Issues Etc Journal entitled, "Playing the Pharisee Card." Please visit Pirate Christian Radio for more information about the new Issues Etc.

Expelled - No Intelligence Allowed


Dr. Charles Jackson of Point of Origin Ministries discusses the movie "Expelled" staring Ben Stein.