Table Scrap

Table Scraps usually discusses current events or certain theological topics through interviews of experts in their field. Table Scraps is a great place to learn more about the Christian faith beyond what is discussed during the normal programming of Table Talk Radio.

Table Scraps: Refuting Missing Link Claims

How should we respond when talking to evolutionists and they make the claim that the fossil record represents fossils that are in transition between species between apes and man. Dr. Charles Jackson of Creation Truth Foundation joins us to discuss some of the common cases that are often made for a "missing link."

Table Scraps Live: The Emergent Church

Host of the internet radio program, Fighting for the Faith and Captain of Pirate Christian Radio joins Evan on Table Scraps Live to talk about the Emergent Church and it's false doctrine as it relates to the Holy Christian Faith.

Table Scraps: The Reliability of the New Testament

How do we know that the books of the New Testament are reliable accounts of history? Furthermore, how do we know they have be preserved over time? Listen to Dr. James White make the case for the reliability of the New Testament.

Table Scraps: Talking to Muslims

What is a Christian suppose to say he runs into a Muslim on the street? Our guest, Dr. Adam Francisco of Concordia Theological Seminary lays out some common arguments from Muslims and appropriate Christian responses.

Table Scraps: Interview with Neil Grepke, author of Jesus is Better than Football

After crunching the song, "Jesus is Better than Football," we gave the author of the song to come on the air and respond to our Praise Song Cruncher. In this Table Scraps, Pastor Wolfmueller interviews Neil Grepke, Lutheran School principle and hit praise song writer.

Table Scraps: The Doctrine of Vocation with Dr. Steven Hein


Dr. Steven Hein, Director of the Concordia Institute for Christian Studies and associate pastor at Shepherd of the Springs Lutheran Church in Colorado Springs, CO, joins Evan to talk about the doctrine of vocation.

Table Scraps Live: Baptism with Pastor Eric Brown

For the second Table Scraps Live, Pastor Eric Brown of Zion Lutheran Church in Lahoma, OK talks about the Lutheran understanding of the Sacrament of Holy Baptism.

Table Scraps Live: Creationism vs. Evolution with Dr. Jackson


For the first Table Scraps Live we interview Dr. Charles Jackson of Creation Truth Foundation taking calls and email questions about Evolution and Creationism.

Table Scraps: John 1 and the Incarnation

"And the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us" John 1:14 is one of the most wonderful passage of the incarnation in all of Scripture. In this Table Scraps, we talk to Pastor Dale Dumperth of Grace Lutheran Church in McPherson, KS to talk about the Incarnation and John chapter one.

Table Scraps: Religious with Vicar Pierson

For this edition of Table Scraps, we are joined by Vicar Mark Pierson of University Lutheran Chapel in Los Angeles, CA (located at UCLA) to discuss the documentary by Bill Maher entitled "Religious."