Table Scrap

Table Scraps usually discusses current events or certain theological topics through interviews of experts in their field. Table Scraps is a great place to learn more about the Christian faith beyond what is discussed during the normal programming of Table Talk Radio.

Table Scraps: Mormonism

Today Evan is joined by Pastor Gerald Paul, Pastor of Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church in Star Valley, WY to talk about Mormonism.

If you have a question for Pastor Paul, he can be reached by email at:

Table Scraps: Lutheran Comparison: Calvinism

In the next installment of our Lutheran Comparison series, Vicar Andrew Packer talks about Calvinist Theology.

Table Scraps: Lutheran Comparison: Eastern Orthodoxy

Continuing our study on Christian churches, Pastor Will Weedon talks about Eastern Orthodoxy.

Table Scraps: Praise Song Cruncher Marathon

View the Praise Song Cruncher

The following Table Scraps is not for the faint at heart. In this edition, Evan and Pastor Wolfmueller spend the nearly two hours crunching your favorite praise songs in the Praise Song Cruncher Marathon. Praise Songs include:

1 - Resurrection by Nicole Sponberg
2 - Hands of the Healer written by John Waller
3 - Let It Rise by Holland Davis
4 - Lord, I lift your name on high Lord - Lincoln Brewster
5 - We The Redeemed - Hillsong
6 - More Like Falling in Love - Jason Gray
7 - God of this City – Chris Tomlin

Table Scraps: Lutheran Comparison: Roman Catholicism

Starting a Table Scraps series comparing Christian denominations, we begin with a study on Roman Catholicism with Eddie Kolodziej, former Roman Catholic and member of Faith Lutheran Church in Plano, TX. Opening music provided by

Table Scraps:Considering President Kieschnick's Pre-convention Concerns with Guest Todd Wilken

The president of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, Gerald B. Kieschnick has released five video considerations before the 64th Regular Convention in Houston, TX July 10th though 17th. With host of Issues Etc, Todd Wilken, we take the time to consider the concerns of President Kieschnick just in time for the convention.

You can view the videos by clicking here (

Table Scraps: The Specific Ministry Pastor Program of the Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod

At the 2007 convention, the Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod approved the Specific Ministry Pastor Program (SMP) for the use of training men for specific ministries outside of the traditional residential seminary education. Pastor Brian Kachelmeir of Redeemer Lutheran Church in Los Alomos, NM comes on to talk about SMP: what it is and what it is not.

Table Scraps: Speaking in Tongues

We talk with Rev. Jim Wilson, a Lutheran Pastor and a former member of the Assemblies of God Church, about the theology and practice of speaking in tongues.

Table Scraps Live: Learning the Arguments for Women's Ordination

Former Methodist pastor, Larry Anderson, answers questions from Evan to explain his arguments for women's ordination.

Table Scraps: Losing Our Religion by S.E. Cupp

Author and Political commentator, S.E. Cupp talks with Evan about her new book, "Losing Our Religion: The Liberal Media's Attack on Christianity."