Table Scrap

Table Scraps usually discusses current events or certain theological topics through interviews of experts in their field. Table Scraps is a great place to learn more about the Christian faith beyond what is discussed during the normal programming of Table Talk Radio.

Table Scraps: Review of Killing Jesus by O'Reilly

How does Killing Jesus by Bill O'Reilly report the facts of history? Pastor Sam Schuldheisz of Redeemer Lutheran Church in Huntington Beach, CA gives his review of the book in this Table Scraps episode with Evan.

Read Pastor Schuldheisz's full review here.

(Sorry for some noise on the line during the broadcast).

Table Scraps: Oregon Senate Bill 490

Hey guys, this is a show I put together for local broadcast. It deals particularly with Oregon residents, but I thought everyone might like to listen in. Please forward it to anyone you know in Oregon.

Table Scraps: Visions of Prophets and False Prophets


Pastor Boyle compares visions from the OT prophets and "vision casting" from modern day. Pastor Boyle's paper can be read here:

Table Scraps: Breaking Rules with Pastor Fisk


Pastor Wolfmueller interviews Pastor Johnathon Fisk of the YouTube sensation "Worldview Everlasting" on the new book "Broken: 7 "Christian" Rules That Every Christian Ought to Break as Often as Possible."

Table Scraps: Interview with Brian Doerkson

Interview with Praise Song Writer, Brian Doerkson, author of popular songs such as "Come Now Is the Time to Worship," "Refiner's Fire," and "Light the Fire Again."

Table Scraps: Interview with Jennie Lee Riddle

Interview with Praise Song Writer Jamie Lee Riddle, author of popular song "Revelation Song."

Table Scraps: The Nature of the Seeker Sensitive/Purpose Driven Church

What is the Nature of the Seeker Sensitive and the Purpose Driven Church? What ideologies back the movement? Is it compatible with historic Christianity? Chris Rosebrough of Fighting for the Faith and Pirate Christian Radio draws lines to the historic philosophies that are behind these church growth methods.

Table Scraps: Applying proper Gospel to the Proper Law

In this edition of Table Scraps, Dr. Fickenscher describes the hammer of judgement preaching of the law, answered by gift of forgiveness gospel and the mirror of existence law, answered by the antiphon of existence gospel.

Special Live Broadcast: Debate: Did Jesus Rise From the Dead?

Debate with Dr. David Scaer of Concordia Theological Seminary and Dr. Robert Price of Coleman Theological Seminary on the topic "Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?"